150ml glass / 450ml CARAFE / bottle


Quereu Sauvignon Blanc Chile

450 / 1200 / 1950
Grapes for this wine are selected from vineyards in the Central Valley. Notes of tropical fruit and citrus tannins intoxicate the palate.

Casillero del Diablo Gewurztraminer chile

500 / 1350 / 2400
Dry with tropical fruit supported by a crisp, mineral-flavoured backbone for spicy dishes and sushi.

Tribu Chardonnay argentina

550 / 1550 / 2500
Fruity fresh wine with an exciting blend of pineapple and banana with citric notes plus a touch of asparagus. A choice for veggies and mustard dressing.

Hardys Stamp Semillion Chardonnay australia

550 / 1550 / 2500
A pleasant mouth feel, well balanced structure and clean finish of white peach, green apple and citrus flavours. If you are looking for a dish to spoil yourself with, pair with Cajun snaper or prawn. Don’t forget the creamy butter sauce.

Casillero del Diablo Late Harvest Savuignon Blanc Chile

600 / 1550 / 2700
Richly appealing peach and papaya flavours with an uplifting acidity and a long, satisfying finish that goes well with deserts and mature cheese from our tapas dishes.

Casillero del Diablo Viognier chile

650 / 1600 / 2800
A fresh and full-bodied Viognier bursting with apricot and red apple flavours with a crisp, creamy finish – A great accompaniment to lobster or sole and lightly spiced Asian food.

Banrock Station Chardonnay argentina

-- / 1600 / 3000
Soft and creamy mouth feels with a fresh lingering finish. Off dry wine with well balanced structure best for creamy and spicy dishes.

The Naked Grape Pinot Grigio california

-- / 1700 / 3100
With aromas of pear and Meyer lemon, it’s got a crisp, fresh, light and tangy style. So let’s raise a glass to life, laughter and those who make all occasions a good time. Enjoy with green salad and spice.

Les Chapeliers Chardonnay france

-- / 1700 / 3100
With refreshing Verdelho in the blend, this smooth, rounded Australian white is packed with ripe, creamy tropical fruit character. It’s soft, yet lively, with a zippy, citrusy twist on the finish for spicy dishes and mature cheese.

Trivento Reserve Viognier argentina

-- / -- / 4000
Exotic combination of peaches, honey and tropical fruits above vanilla, touches of coconut with a fresh palate Beautiful with spicy dishes or with medium to strong cheeses, Salads and grilled fish.

Waterhof Sauvignon Blanc south africa

-- / -- / 6700
There’s a bit of age on this wine, but that only adds an extra dimension of interest, contributing deeper vegetal notes. There are gooseberry and granadilla flavors in abundance, along with bright acidity to keep the palate clean and fresh.

Red Wines

150ml glass / 450ml CARAFE / bottle

Quereu Cabernet Sauvignon Chile

450 / 1200 / 1950
This Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of ripe black currant, plum and cedar. This rich full-bodied wine is well-structured with firm tannins and ripe dark fruit flavours of blackberry and black currant layered with notes of toasty oak and cocoa.

Tribu Merlot ARGENTINA

550 / 1550 / 2500
Fruity wine with berry flavours alongside a light vanilla oak and sometimes cedar and cigar. Paired with mild flavored dishes like Tuna or Salmon, Rice and Goat Cheese.

Hardys Stamp Cabernet Merlot australia

550 / 1500 / 2500
This is a gorgeous blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, creating a feast of ripe red berry and plum fruit flavours with a hint of vanilla. Perfect for meaty fish like Tuna as well as mustard and pepper sauces.

Casillero del Diablo Carmenere chile

600 / 1700 / 2700
From the start, it’s a remarkable expression of Carmenere thanks to the typicalfruit like plums, blackberries and some spicy touches joined with delicate hints of coffee. Blends well with desserts and sweet & sour sauces.

The Naked Grape Cabernet Sauvignon california

-- / 1700 / 3100
Our wine offers bold flavors of dark fruit and blackberries without making you bend over backward to enjoy it. Pairing with Salmon and citrus, cream and vinegar sauces seals the deal.

The Naked Grape Pinot Noir california

-- / 1750 / 3150
This is the quiet type –a soft, smooth red that’s full of black cherry and blueberry aromas. Pairs well with flaky fish like Salmon as well as shellfish.

Les Chapeliers Syrah france

-- / 1800 / 3200
Full bodied with velvety tannins and long finish with aromas of blackcurrant and blackberry fruits. Recommended for mature cheese and nice spicy dishes.

De Vinci Chianti italy

-- / 2300 / 3800
A well-balanced wine of medium weight with jammy flavors of ripe plums, cherries and red fruit and a soft mineral finish. This wine pairs perfectly with all starters and grilled fish.

Raiza Reserva, Tempranillo spain

-- / -- / 7500
From a selection of La Rioja’s finest Tempranillo grapes, it presents a silky and mineral sensation flavor with balsamic aromas and hints of vanilla. This ruby red goes well with Spanish cuisine like tapas and paella. Start with Mussels and nibble on olives, pickles or cheese.

Terrunyo Carmenere

-- / -- / 9000
Powerful and concentrated fruit flavors reappear on the palate caressed in sweet tannins. Full in the mouth with great structure and a lingering finish. Enjoyed with spice, fresh herbs or slight peppery sauces.

Raiza Crianza, Tempranillo spain

-- / -- / 5200
A garnet red colour, with good structure and balance. Crianza presents medium-high depth, berry fruit aroma, vanilla and toasted notes. It’s complexity pairs well with Calamari and Salmon.

Rosé Wines

150ml glass / 450ml CARAFE / bottle

Carlo Rossi Rosé california

450 / 1200 /1950
An easy going and fruity wine with a soft peach aroma and candy flavour; soft short finish.

Cinzano Rosé italy

650 / 1850 / 3000
A delicate note of strawberries and a hint of raspberries make this sweet addition to the sparking range something special. Fruity, fresh, lively acidic and pleasantly smooth. An accompaniment to Tapas and Salads.


S 150ml Glass / bottle

Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay Brut Chile

500 / 2250
Limari Valley’s multifaceted sparkling wine, to drink alone as an aperitif, an appetizer or pair with fresh, light foods. It goes perfectly with delicate seafood such as Oysters, shellfish salads and Sushi.

Leonardo Prosecco italy

650 / 2950
The ultimate Italian lunchtime wine with aromas of mandarins, gala apples and white flowers, bursting with peach and honey flavours, building to a fresh, off-dry finish. Battered and fried Seafood with Prosecco is another classic pairing.


Glass / bottle

Moët Chandon Brut France

2000 / 9000
A harmonious balance combining freshness, fruitiness with roundness-maturity. Balancing the whole range of savours: moderate acidity and richness, low sugar, hardly any bitterness but just enough salt. Enjoy with Salads, Seafood, white fish that is juicy and plump.

Moët Chandon Rosé France

2200 / 9950
A harmonious balance combining freshness, fruitiness with roundness-maturity. Balancing the whole range of savours: moderate acidity and richness, low sugar, hardly any bitterness but just enough salt. Enjoy with Salads, Seafood, white fish that is juicy and plump.

Laurent Perrier Brut France

2200 / 9950
Completely natural the dry, delicate fresh fizz champagne, without sugar for every form of enjoyment. Well suited with salted flavours of fish and Seafood